Reviewing The New Purple Mattress

Consumers who are displeased with their current mattress should consider the benefits of the latest product releases. The newer mattresses provide several benefits that lessen the strain on the back and neck due to pressure points. The new Purple mattress provides these benefits along with a few additional features that consumers will appreciate.

The Pocketed Coil System

The pocketed coil system provides motion isolation for consumers. By isolating motion, the owner’s partner can climb in and out of the bed without disturbing their rest. The system absorbs weight and prevents the entire mattress from shifting or causing it to bounce when another person gets off the bed.

Conforms to the Body

The mattress conforms to the body to provide a better night’s sleep. The contouring feature is beneficial for consumers who sleep in different positions throughout the night. The design prevents pressure points that lead to severe discomfort and causes back or neck pain. The mattress can actually lower the frequency of back or neck pain and prevent sleep disturbances.

Doesn’t Have a Harsh Odor

Select memory foam mattresses emit a certain odor when they are unpackaged. This isn’t the case with the product, and it won’t present any odor after using it for several years. According to the packaging instructions, the consumer should place the mattress onto their bed frame and allow it to air out for a few hours before using it. The mattress will also expand properly and provide a better night’s sleep if packaging instructions are followed.

Extended Warranty for the Mattress

The product comes with a complete 10-year warranty that will replace the mattress if any issues arise. According to the warranty details, the manufacturer provides the first replacement mattress for free and incurs all shipping expenses. Any additional replacement mattresses may require the consumer to cover the shipping expenses.

Consumers reviewing potential mattress replacements could benefit from products with pocketed coils. The mattresses provide a better night’s sleep and won’t cause sleep disturbances for the consumer’s partners. Newer selections don’t emit that unpleasant odor for which some memory foam mattresses are known. Consumers who want to learn more about the products contact their preferred supplier now.

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