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Checklist to Help You Find the Right Horse

t is crucial that you have a clear understanding of why you want a horse to select the right one. Check if you have time and money to care for your horse. Even though you are experienced horse keeper it wouldn’t do harm to get a second opinion from a professional when buying a horse. Be realistic whether you have capabilities to train young horses.

You should go beyond trusting what you see on the vendor’s websites to doing background checks to ensure you find someone with a good reputation. Join forums where they share about horses. Never buy a horse which you don’t have its history. You should get contacts of the last owner horse whom you should call to inquire about specific details of the horse. You have every reason to be wary of the current owner is not registered. You need to personally go to the yard where the horse is living before buying.

Tell a vet to confirm that it has a microchip. Ensure that the details on this chip are the same that are in its passport. Any person selling a horse should have all the details well input. Any stamps other than what is recommended should raise questions to the seller.

Avoid any vendor who ask you for advance payment. The vendor should present you with a detailed invoice. Ensure that the price if fair. Buying a horse on credit should be discouraged as it has many negative implications. Know about whether you shall be refunded the whole amount you have paid if you were to return it to the seller. Pick a vendor who is paid using platforms like credit card or check.

Consider the colour of the horse before buying. Select the colour that attracts you to the horse. Choose the right size in order to have an easy time when you climb or get off the horse. It is common that if a horse proves challenging to ride in its current yard then you may not find it suitable to ride when you go with it home. Don’t buy a horse that has a discipline problem. Look for outside help to show you how to ride horses before you get one for yourself. You must know whether you need an aged or a much younger horse to fit for the purposes you have for the animal.

You have to be sure whether your relatives will ride the horse.

Understand the requirements of the law when transporting the horse. Get it insured before you transport it home.

Never buy the horse in a hurry. Be cautious when you find a vendor selling his horse below the market as it may have defects which may cost you more in the long run. Don’t lose the papers that involve the sale of the horse.

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