The Fastest Way To Gain Muscle

What’s up, guys? Want to buy cardarine and learn how to build muscle? The title of today’s video is The Single Fastest Way To Gain Muscle. And I’ll say up front that if you’re looking for some sort of fancy groundbreaking never-before-seen answer to the question then you might be a bit disappointed here, but I really wanted to get this video out there because there’s just way too much fluff circulating around when it comes to YouTube fitness content and Instagram fitness content.

And a lot of people just end up losing sight of what is most important in the whole equation. Now, most people who have done their research and have some training experience under their belt already understand that progressive overload is the primary driver of building muscle over the long term. Meaning, you need to be progressively exposing your muscles to a more challenging workload over time if you want them to continue responding and growing further.

And this can be done in a variety of ways, the most common method is to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting on each exercise, but you can also perform more reps with the same weight you can perform more sets per muscle group for the week, you can train a muscle more often, you can adjust your form to make it exercise more mechanically challenging,you can reduce your rest time in between sets, slow down your rep cadence, there’s also the option of applying certain high intensity techniques during your sets, those are technically all forms of progressive overload that can lead to improved muscle growth in one way or another.

However, it’s important to understand that not all forms of progressive overload are equal. And I’ve been seeing a lot of content where people will list off all these different methods and say, see lifting more weight is not the only answer look at all these other things you can do to make progress in the gym. And that’s not incorrect, you can do those things as a way of improving your progress to varying degrees.

However, unless you’re a more advanced lifter with at least a couple years of consistent training under your belt who’s already built up a solid foundation of muscle, the simple fact is that getting stronger and adding more weight to the bar on all of your exercises,particularly the basic compound lifts, that should be your primary focus by far. That is the fastest way to gain muscle no matter how you break it down.

You’re not gonna build a big chest by pressing thirty five pound dumbbells, you’re not going to build big legs by squatting 150 pounds, and you’re not gonna build a big back if you can’t even do pull-ups using your body weight. And on the other hand, you’re not not going to have a muscular chest, legs, or back if you’re pressing, say, 100 pound dumbbells per reps or you’re squatting 3 plates per side or more, or you’re doing, let’s say, strict pull-ups with 60 pounds or more strapped around your waist.

You can dabble around all you want with these elaborate bodybuilding pump programs you see with fancy exercise variations, and drop sets, and super sets, and Swiss balls, and bands,and all this stuff, and where all the training variables are constantly being mixed around.

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