Why No One Talks About Anymore

Some Physical Health Issues Which Are Not Likely to be Noticed

Many people tend to ignore issues which might directly indicate health problems. Ignorance is so prevalent in some people that they ask their friends for medical advice. Some signs and symptoms can be easily dismissed as general body weakness. Other individuals visit the doctor as a last result after the over the counter drugs fail several times.

Individuals with the tendency to dismiss symptoms could silently suffer from health conditions for a long time without being treated. People tend to ignore back pains, joint pains, neck, and joint stiffness and headaches among other symptoms. When such symptoms most people self-medicate on painkillers without thinking there could be deeper health issues.

The first physical health issue is arthritis. Arthritis can go unnoticed for several years until it’s too late. You can be alerted that you might have arthritis when you have joint pain coupled with numbness on the affected area. These symptoms can be mistaken to general fatigue or body weakness. In case you suffer from reoccurring joint pains you should visit a doctor for more information. A lot of people live with long life by eating foods rich in calcium and a lot of exercises when they discover early that they have arthritis.

The second condition likely to evade your notice is the weak pelvic floor. You will be forgiven if you have never heard of such a term because it’s not commonly discussed. Just because it is not on people’s mouths does not mean it’s rare. In fact, most people do not know it’s a disease until it becomes so severe that they have to visit a doctor. You should suspect that you have the condition when you have regular trouble to holding urine when you are on your way to a washroom hence casing leakage. Even though they can see and feel that there is urine leakage, people tend to think it was there fault to fail to hold the urine. If you notice that you have challenges holding onto your pee when you want to, then you should consult a physician for further checks. There are numerous blogs and articles about weak pelvic floor if you want to know more.

Finally, you should also be on the lookout of flat feet. One can quickly notice flat feet if they check the shape of their feet. An easily identifiable dome should be visible at the bottom of your feet. There are numerous consequences for flay feet if they are not rectified, such as ankle pains and problems, inability to walk long distances due to pain and can lead to hip pain. By following a doctor’s guidelines, you can reverse flat feet condition.

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